XLC-0712 promises to reduce transfer of heat from outside to inside and makes the houses, working places, flooring etc. comfortable by keeping them cool in summer.

An advanced polymer based research product, XLC-0712 can drastically reduce the energy consumption and cost required for cooling a home, ware houses, metal building, industrial or commercial structure by keeping the interior cooler by at least 100C in summer.

  • Excellent Heat Insulation Properties (Temperature Gradient of 8 to 120C in peak summer)
  • Excellent Resistance to U. V. Radiations
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent water repellency and moisture resistance.
  • Quick Drying at room temperature
  • Excellent Resistance to chemicals
  • Excellent Outdoor Stability
  • Industrial roofing made up of Metal & Asbestos Sheets
  • Concrete slabs , Terraces and exterior walls of Industries, House hold structures, Hotels, Hospitals, Laboratories, Commercial Buildings.
  • Exposed Instrument boxes with critical , heat sensitive electronic circuits like Signalling boxes.
  • Air conditioned Portable cabins used on project sites.
  • Solar hot water storage tanks & pipelines.
  • Superior Performance
  • Excellent Heat Insulation properties: Temperature gradient 8 to 140C.
  • Improves the comfort level resulting into enhanced Efficiency of people & machineries
  • Saves Energy – Reduces heat load on Air conditioning units resulting into savings in power consumption : Direct energy savings upto 30 % in summertime and peak summer time.
  • Extends Life of Buildings – Reduces Thermal expansion & contraction
  • Saves Money – Reduces the evaporation losses of volatile liquids stored in tanks farms.
  • Two In One Effect –

            Prevent leakages during monsoon from concrete
            Prevents corrosion of metal structures 
            Enhances life of Asbestos sheeting.

  • Maintains the aesthetic with no fungus & Moss formation.
  • Increases Safety with Fire Resistant properties.
  • Easy application process, Self to Do kit.

Technical Data Sheet